The Academic Compass: Navigating the World of Learning with Studyo.

How to prioritize tasks

Learning how to prioritize tasks can help students manage both their academic workload and mental health.

How has COVID changed education?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused major turbulence in the education sector, it has also accelerated the integration of digital learning.

A parent's guide to Google Classroom

Integrating technology into your children’s school life can open new doors that will have them more engaged and self-aware academically.

Why are planners helpful for students?

Time management is a faculty that can be facilitated with a daily planner that ensures academic success, and the development of organizational skills.

How to get homework done quickly?

Taking steps to make your homework more enjoyable can go a long way towards helping you produce quality assignments and meet deadlines.

Studyo Makes The Latka 100 in Canada

We’re excited to share that Studyo has made it to the top SaaS companies in Canada in position #59. Latka looks at how many customers expand their accounts, and increase their ARPU as a factor in the rankings.

NAIS 2020 Annual Conference Takeaways

Review of the 2020 NAIS conference held in Philadelphia this February 2020. From the speaker who has impacted us the most, to the conference key takeaways.

The tool you didn't think you needed

Meet Sudyo. The platform that provides an all in one tool to help students develop their executive functions and it works with your LMS and SIS.