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May 18, 2018

Executive Function for Today’s Student and Tomorrow’s Leader

Last week, Studyo sponsored a fantastic webinar on Executive Functioning and College readiness, hosted by Roxanne Desforges of Pure and Applied. You can follow Roxanne on Twitter: @roxannedes4ges

Obviously, since she talked about Studyo, we loved the webinar... but kidding aside, this topic definitely drew a big crowd with over 1,600 registrants, with about 600 attending live. Most of the other registrants have watched the recording thereafter.

If you attended the event, there were a few audio issues which we have since fixed, and so, we are offering you this version of the workshop with a much higher quality audio for your enjoyment.

We hope you will enjoy the above recording.

If after viewing the workshop, you would like to have a conversation about how other schools have used Studyo to increase student agency, don't hesitate to reach out :

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