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May 28, 2020

Studyo Makes The Latka 100 in Canada

At Studyo we've been focused on helping schools grow for the past 8 years, having raised $2M+ to support our mission, today we’re helping more than 50 of you! We’ve grown to a dynamic team of 12 crazy passionate people too!
We’re excited to share that Studyo has made it to the list of top SaaS companies in Canada in position #59. Each year, Latka analyzes 10,000 different software companies around the world to select the top 100 in each country.

How We Ranked At The Top

The rankings are based off a combination of factors including how fast we've grown our revenue (ARR) and how frequently paying customers use Studyo.
Many of you have been with us for years giving us a very low customer churn rate. Thank you!
You've decided to use Studyo with a growing number of your students and many of you have upgraded to our Insights products last year as well to get more knowledge on ways to support your students. Latka looks at how many customers expand their accounts, and increase their ARPU as a factor in the rankings. 
As we're all dealing with the current virus crisis, we're thrilled to share this exciting news with you.
You played a vital role in helping us grow and rank so high up against thousands of other SaaS companies. We’ve got big product plans for 2020 and beyond as we build more ways to help your students and add more schools to the Studyo family.

Product Features To Look Out For

Over the past few weeks we launched Today, a super-simple tool to help students plan their Google Classroom work and it has been growing so fast we cannot wait to see where it takes us!
Be sure to check back on the blog during the year, because we are also bringing some exciting new features to Studyo, starting this summer!

The Studyo team