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February 11, 2022

Why are planners helpful for students?

As school curriculums are becoming more demanding for students, it is important to consider how students are equipped to face their weekly schedules. Providing students with smart school planners that include features like customizable layouts, progress tracking as well as step-by-step task breakdowns makes it easier for them to stay organized and plan out their schoolwork.

Why are planners helpful for students?

School planners are helpful for students for the following reasons:

  1. Better time management
  2. Improved organizational skills
  3. Builds autonomy

Better Time Management

Students have a lot to handle. From extracurricular work to social lives, to family obligations, it can be difficult to stay on top of the school work they are assigned, which can cause them to fall behind and struggle academically. Thankfully, with a platform like Studyo’s school planner, students can map out their days ahead and organize their tasks.

Our dashboard is personalized according to each student’s school timetable and centralizes the tasks that students have to complete. It allows them to better self-manage and clear up their daily list. Around 90 % of students engage with their school planners 15 to 30 minutes a day, every day of the school year!

Improved Organizational Skills

School planners help students improve their organizational skills. With a digital planner, all the important deadlines can be visualized and students can break larger tasks that seem daunting into easy-to-manage steps to learn to pace themselves as well as achieve their goals.

Builds Autonomy

Once students start using a planner on a regular basis, they will start to develop good habits. By using planners, students learn organizational skills, time management skills, as well as other integral skills. Once students begin to see their skills improve, they become more responsible for their own time and success, and they begin to see the positive repercussions that this has on their academic performance.

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What are the benefits of using a planner?

From everyday benefits to long-term benefits, below are some of the key benefits of using a school planner:

  • Promotes responsibility
  • Helps students keep track of their work
  • Increases awareness
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Promotes communication
  • Gives students freedom to plan
  • Fosters good study habits
  • Allows teachers and parents to monitor a student’s academic progress
  • Frees up more time for creative endeavors
  • Reduces procrastination

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Tips for Helping Your Students Learn to Plan

Lead by Example

As a teacher, you need to lead by example and use a planner yourself. This will demonstrate to students that a daily planner helps you and could equally help them. If a student asks a question such as ‘’what’s the date?”, “what’s the homework?” and “when’s the next vacation week?” you can refer them to their planner. Plus, by using school planners, teachers are able to track their students’ progress and determine if they are having issues with certain subjects or assignments.

Create a Routine

Although the aim is for students to be completely in charge of managing their time, when attempting to create good planning habits we recommend creating a routine with your class. The best way to do this is to gather your class at the beginning of each week and get them to write down their weekly schedule. This gives them a specific time to transcribe the important dates and tasks that they will need to do over the coming week. Monday morning is the perfect time to do this as it kicks the week off in a productive way.

What is great with student planners is that students receive their weekly schedule on the platform and they don’t have to write it down, all they must do is find the perfect time to accomplish all of their tasks.

Customize your digital planner 

If you are using a digital planner, you can still customize it while simultaneously making it more organized. The best way to spruce up a digital calendar and to get students interested is to use color-coding. By color-coding classes and assignments, it is not only easier for them to understand and organize, but it also makes the planner more interesting to look at. Studyo’s school planner has a variety of customizable layouts to personalize the app.

What is the best student planner?

One of the best student planners is Studyo’s school planner. While physical planners have been the norm for students for years, the 21st century has been revolutionized by technology and the education industry has gradually implemented technological solutions in its establishments to make learning easier and adapt to today’s context. Digital planners are becoming a trend in elementary school all the way up to university.

In North America, most children have access to a tablet, smartphone, or computer, which makes digital planners a more convenient alternative. Studyo’s school planner provides a range of additional features that simply cannot be obtained through traditional planners. For example, you can sync your school’s specific timetable to the app which will show students all the academic days they have in class, when they have holidays, and what their schedule looks like. This makes it easy for them to plan out their time accordingly.

Moreover, students can sync their planners with Google Classroom which allows them to easily see and access the work they have done in class from anywhere. This ensures that they always have the information they need to do homework or assignments outside of the classroom. Another great feature is the ability to fragment tasks into smaller tasks, which makes completing assignments more manageable for students who might find themselves struggling.

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