Elevating Students, Unburdening Teachers

Teaching wasn’t always this hard. Our school planners put students back in the driver’s seat to take ownership over classes, assignments and deadlines, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best: teach.

Buffalo Seminary Students Using Studyo

Boost student success by enabling self-directed learning

Research has shown that key learning strategies such as planning, goal-setting, chunking and time-blocking have a direct impact on student success while developing self-direction. Our planners are tailored to empower students to develop these strategies in the context of your personalized calendar and timetables. And since student success leads to lower absenteeism, your school will foster students that are more engaged and ready to learn.

Studyo Go

The school planner you can start using today and start building a culture of organization in your school, classroom or home and leverages Google Classroom.


Our top of the line school planner adopted by tens of thousands of users to drive student engagement and manage communications between teachers, students and parents.

Connects to

Google Classroom
Microsoft Teams

Users love Studyo!

Studyo becomes a staple of the daily routine of students and teachers, and they can’t help but fall in love with it. Proof, our average school engagement rate on a daily basis is 95%!

“Teachers appreciate the ability to scaffold organization skills by first posting tasks to younger students and gradually get them to enter their own, break them down and plan their work.”

Chantal Rivard
Chantal Rivard
Dir. of ped services

“Studyo is life!”

8th grader

“At SEM, we've transitioned from paper planners to exclusively using Studyo for our students. This shift allows us to provide more effective time management strategies, helping students move beyond just thinking about "what's due tomorrow" to planning for their entire academic journey.”

Beth Adamczyk
Beth Adamczyk
Dir. of Technology, Buffalo Seminary

“I used to procrastinate in grades 7 and 8 and keep track of my work in my head. My grades weren’t good enough to join the science program in grade 10, so I learned to break down my study time and my grades greatly improved! I’m now in the science program!”

10th grader