Ditch paper and bring about true self-direction to your classroom.

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Studyo Go shatters the paper planner. Get students beyond just scribbling homework to developing the dozen or so essential skills for effective planning. Studyo Go integrates your personalized timetables with class work from Google Classroom or student-entered class work. From scheduling study sessions to breaking tasks into manageable chunks, Studyo Go empowers students to take control of their workload and set achievable goals.

See it in action

My current students are really enjoying it. We start every morning by looking at Studyo Go. Parents are now linking up to their child’s accounts too. Thank you for this valuable tool.

Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Teacher, Sherbrooke Elementary School

The advanced planner students actually use.

Students love using Studyo Go because it imports Google Classroom assignments automatically. They decide when to tackle tasks and break them down, giving them control over their schedule and boosting their confidence. With fun customization options like adding their timetables, personal images and different icons, Studyo Go makes planning enjoyable and tailored to each student's style. It's the modern planner that students actually want to use!

The extra tool teachers actually love.

Studyo Go takes the guesswork out of posting assignments at the right time.

Teachers can post directly from their planner in the right class using icons to differentiate work for the students.
Lesson plans.
Help students become more autonomous by leveraging the built-in executive function lesson plans.
Track student progress throughout the year by looking at their planner and organizational progress.

The access and visibility parents actually want.

Stop the homework scavenger hunt! Parents can see their child’s full workload, including schedule and all classes. Homework from all their child’s Google Classroom classes appear in one place, next to assignments entered manually.

A functional free version and a extended trial schools actually need.

Tired of paying for paper planners that students don't use? Finding that students don’t use calendars at all to manage their homework and projects? Take the time to explore our free version, and see if Studyo Go can help your students. Use it free in just a few clicks or add centralized timetables for all users in your school for the single price of $1,999.