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What is the difference between Studyo and Studyo Go?
Studyo Go is a standalone app that can instantly be used by any individual student or teacher. It is the perfect companion for Google Classroom users. Studyo is a full-featured school planner that is deployed to the whole school and benefits students, teachers and parents.
How can I try Studyo Go?
Simply sign up on, optionnally connect your Classroom account and you’re done!
How can I try Studyo?
Studyo must be deployed to the whole school, with adaptations to your specific schedule and needs. Talk to us, setting up a pilot is easy!
What is the difference between Studyo Go and Studyo Go for Schools?
With Studyo Go, every user needs to configure their own schedule. With Studyo Go for Schools, every teacher contributes to the centralized schedule, which is available to everyone in the school. Also, Studyo Go for Schools allows importing classes and roster data from Google Classroom, removing the need to manually invite everyone. Every student and teacher is automatically connected to the school.
How can we set-up Studyo Go for our school?
Starting the process is possible for any teacher, but a school administrator is ideally positioned for it. Initiate by creating an educator account and choosing a School configuration. The school administrator is responsible for establishing the class times grid and shared calendar, and for inviting teachers to join. Teachers then designate the periods for their classes. Consequently, these classes show up automatically in students' planners at the right time.