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August 14, 2020

Helping Parents Catch a Breath During Post-COVID Schooling

Wondering how your kids are managing at school in a post-COVID world? We’ve got you covered.

As cities and towns across North America slowly start to re-open, parents have more and more questions about schooling: will my child(ren) be able to go back to school? Will they need to continue to learn from home? How is this new “normal” impacting their learning, growth, and development? How can I keep track of how they’re managing?

One thing is for sure: it’s a nerve-wracking time for parents. Especially as they transition back to work themselves.

Pre-pandemic, education was already undergoing a digital transformation, with the introduction of learning management systems like Google Classroom to augment the classroom experience. This transformation was then sped up exponentially when COVID forced schools to shut their doors and continue education remotely for the foreseeable future. Now, as we slowly transition back into the classroom, many of these new technologies will remain—and with that, some of the challenges that come with them.

The challenge for parents: staying in the know

One such challenge is the reduction of interaction between parents and teachers, and parents and their children. Since most education technology has been focused on enabling teachers to disseminate assignments and collect work, the parents, unfortunately, haven't been considered in the mix.

As assignments are given and homework is collected digitally, it’s difficult for parents to understand what their kid is learning, what they’re working on, how they’re managing, and what they need to do. And these types of insights are critical in order for parents to feel at ease—now more than ever.

Insight is power; and freedom

At Studyo, we understand the parental anxieties that come with schooling on a normal day, let alone through a global pandemic. We also understand that more knowledge, insight, and understanding of a kid’s schooling journey can go a long way to ease these anxieties. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that empowers parents to feel confident that their kids have the tools and support they need to not only keep up in class, but to learn initiative, independence and self-reliance—in other words, to thrive.

With our personalized performance and engagement dashboard, each student, their teacher, and their parent(s) have insights into how the student is growing and improving over time, as well as if there are any issues and patterns that are acting as barriers to achievement—like an unhealthy workload, unreasonable project timelines, or overlapping initiatives. They can also get to know their kid’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide support from home where they need it the most. Studyo sets out to remove the barriers that many parents face with traditional learning management systems—both in ease of use and in the depth of insights we provide.

Now that you know, give your children the space they need

Of course, each student also has access to their personalized dashboard, allowing them to manage their own schedules, workloads, and expectations, as well as take initiative to flag when they aren’t being set up for success. We encourage parents to stay informed, but take the back seat when it comes to their kid’s task and time management, and let them learn the executive functioning skills they need to excel both in the classroom and in life: work ethic, independence, accountability, and self-reliance.

Having a pulse on your kid’s learning progress is a big weight off your shoulders, so you can go ahead and take a deep breath now.

If you’re interested in learning how Studyo can help you stay informed of your child’s education, click the button below. We also encourage you to send this over to your child’s school administrator so they can learn how Studyo can benefit their students.

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