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October 19, 2020

Cheverus High School and Studyo partner to keep students on task

Cheverus High School and Studyo are proud to announce a partnership that will help to keep students on track. Cheverus is known for their unique ability to get through to kids and Studyo is providing the technology they need to keep parents, teachers and students working as a team.

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt education, schools are looking for ways to keep students focused either in class or working from home. Cheverus wants to ensure that parents, teachers and students have the tools they need to stay on track and limit distractions.Choosing Studyo allows everyone to support students in a meaningful way. Mom and Dad receive a weekly email that highlights assignments, exams, major projects as well as a read only version of their digital organizer. Supporting kids with planner checks that encourage proper organization and the chunking of major projects helps them stay on track. With 100% of Instructional Support students using the platform, and efforts being put forth to encourage freshmen, students are quickly learning how to become autonomous.

It's our pleasure to introduce the Studyo digital organizer to our students, parents and teachers to bring stability to our kids education. Susan Van Wyck, Director of instructional support said: “Distance learning created more moving parts to a Cheverus Student's already busy schedule. Studyo looked like a tool that would help ground us and collect moving parts into one landing page that could provide students with a home base.”

Cheverus prides itself in keeping students on task and building up their character. “ What makes Cheverus special? It’s the fact that admin, teachers and staff are constantly available for student support,” says Kerry Knott, Instructional Support teacher for freshmen and sophomores.

“We are always proud when leading schools decide it is time to bring Studyo into play”, mentions Renaud Boisjoly, CEO at Studyo, “ it takes effort to teach organizational skills and help students towards building the much-needed skills to be successful in school and life, and Cheverus is definitely committed to this”.

Helping students develop a strong base of executive functions can help them navigate multiple classes and multiple assignments from multiple sources. This requires strong executive function skills which according to The Center for Child development at Harvard University relates to the role of an air traffic controller. Unifying the student experience allows students to stay focused and on task and manage the complexity of todays’ world.

Studyo Mission: Studyo revolutionized the digital school planner with the introduction of Studyo for Schools in 2014. Today, Studyo leads the world in developing students' autonomy with their organizational software platforms —Studyo, Today and Studyo Insights — empowering students with breakthrough ways of staying organized and managing projects. Studyo’s small team is dedicated to building autonomy in students, and to leaving the world a little more organized.