Today helps students manage tasks and projects from multiple sources, including Google Classroom, prompting them to initiate work, plan next steps and pace themselves to reach their goals.

Student Planner - Improve Student Organization with a Student Planner App

Today helps students manage tasks and projects from multiple sources, including Google Classroom, prompting them to initiate work, plan next steps and pace themselves to reach their goals.

It’s no secret that succeeding in school and life takes a lot of effort. Juggling classes, projects, exams and social life can be daunting, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where Studyo comes in. Studyo’s Today planner is the ultimate student planner app, designed to help students manage their time and stay on top of their work.

What is a student planner app?

A planner app is an app for students that is designed to manage your everyday life. It acts as a school planner that allows you to organize your day, week, or month during your academic life and beyond. By helping students sort and organize tasks, set specific times to work or study, and keep track of everything they have to do, they bring a sense of control to the student and reduce their stress. It’s available for almost any device, so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

What are the advantages of an application or web-based-based planning solution?

Some are firm believers in the classic paper planner, others are interested in other options to help with their academic performance. Although a physical planner can be effective, it requires constant work whereas a planner app’s purpose is to take some of the weight off student’s shoulders! You can do wonders with modern planners:

  • They are easy to use, and they can be customized to studying preferences;
  • A planner is always up to date, which means that you will always be able to see what your child or student needs to do next and when;
  • Digital planners such as Today work across devices and synchronize their data
  • They possess a range of different functions and add-ons that can enhance any student’s academic and personal life;

How can Studyo's Today student planner help your child or student?

School life is not as easy as some people make it seem. Most students will eventually have to deal with stress and experience the pressure of assignments and homework. Any student, including those with learning or other disabilities, can become overwhelmed by the number of things that have to be done without proper planning and organization.  A planner app presents itself as the perfect solution to stay on top of your schedule and improve academic success.

The true beauty of a task organizer app is the fact that you and your child or student only have to download a single app to your phone or computer or access it online.


  • Easily import tasks and projects from multiple sources, including Google Classroom and Google Calendar
  • Get prompted to initiate work, plan next steps and pace themselves to reach their goals
  • Parents and teachers can track their progress and get insights into how they can improve
Planning, when done properly, brings many benefits to students everywhere.


Reduce student stress with a planning application

Knowing you have a lot of assignments, quizzes and exams or tests coming soon is stressful, but this stress is easier to manage if you plan ahead and feel in control. By connecting to various sources such as Google Classroom, Studyo Today is the perfect planner for students to stay on top of their work with a clear visualization of everything they have to do and when they plan to work on it next. 

Thanks to our planner, they (and you) will never be blindsided by an assignment they forgot about. Our tool clearly displays every task clearly so no one loses track. With Today, parents and teachers can track how students are getting ready and stay in the loop.


Our planner helps students stay on top of their schedule

Especially when reaching college and university, a student’s schedule is packed with classes and assignments, but also many other events! That’s why students must get ready during high school! Whether it is extracurricular activities or appointments, the Today planner app works as a central point of all academic and social life. It keeps everything organized and helps students enjoy their experience to the fullest without sacrificing on grades!


A planner boosts student productivity

Many of us tend to procrastinate and wait till the deadline to really put in some work. That’s where Studyo Today comes in: it allows you to plan your study sessions by time. Connecting directly with Google Classroom and your calendar, your homework, assignments for various classes and teachers, even extracurricular events can be done at the right time for optimal results. You can:

  • Create daily study sessions to fit your schedule;
  • Pick the times of day you’re most productive


Develop student organizational skills

Time management skills are something we will need for the rest of our lives, and it starts with the habits we develop in our school years. Some will use detailed weekly schedules in their student handbook while others choose to take the digital route with a numeric weekly & monthly planner. Creating an optimal schedule and following it is a huge improvement for students everywhere

Features of the Today planner

Today helps you plan when to study

It’s no secret that college can be an especially busy time for students. Between studying, socializing, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, and keeping up with the daily grind, it can be hard to find time to study. So better get younger students ready right now!
That’s where Studyo comes in, giving students everything they need to succeed in high school and then in college. With Today’s weekly planning, you can organize your study sessions by time and date. The possibilities can be customized to what works best for you:

  • Create scheduled study sessions to fit your schedule
  • Create daily study sessions to fit your schedule
  • Pick the times of day you’re most productive
  • Track your progress

Get a prompt when assignments are due to be planned

A prompt is a message that lets you know what you should be working on next, and our academic planner acts just like a friend that keeps you on track. When the time you’ve set aside to work on a project is over, Today will send it back to your Inbox to prompt you to plan it again. When the task is done, it sends the task to the Done column.

So get started now, and get your favorite student to plan their next steps. It’s time to do great things!

Create multiple plans for different children or students

You have many children attending many classes over a number of semesters or quarters? You can invite each one to their individual planner and help them get organized. Teaching to a whole class of students? That’s possible too!

Learn more about how to use a student planner and stop being short on time

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what type of academic planner to use. Should you go for the tried paper planner or opt for a student planner application that is constantly updated and accessible on your phone or computer?

There are pros and cons to both choices, and the best way to decide which type of planner will work best for you is to consider your individual studying and planning habits. However, we are confident that Studyo’s planner will be more than beneficial to you!

If you want a system that works, you must figure out what can help you organize your life when it comes to time management. If you like the idea of having a hard piece of paper and cross off tasks, you may want to try a paper calendar. If you’re always running around and living a busy life, you’re probably more suited to an electronic system and should go with an application.

An application is a digital system that allows you to store all of your information in one location. This includes your class schedule, your assignments, even your completed assignments. All the important elements of your week or month are entered into the application so that you can access them at any time. Our college planner solution makes it easy for you to use a single planner on multiple devices.

The first step in improving your organizational skills and improving your academic performances is to understand yourself: your habits, when you are the most efficient, how you approach tasks and how you react to stress and pressure. The following tips can help you become more organized and efficient while managing your time during your studies:

  • Figure out the amount of time you need to study and be prepared;
  • Know how much time you actually have and adjusting your schedule around those constraints;
  • Figure out the times of day where you are at your best and most productive;
  • Use effective long- and short-term study strategies
  • Plan your week or month realistically, overestimating what you can accomplish will only lead to more stress;
  • Choose a system that works and stick to it;
  • Set yourself a goal, and keep your eyes on it;


It isn’t easy to figure out those details by ourselves, but for a planner app, it’s a walk in the park! Our student planner app collects information about when you study, how many tasks you accomplish in a week and when you seem to be most productive. All that’s left for students is to make good use of this knowledge in their schedule!

Most full-time students need on average more than two hours of study, writing and reading per week for every hour they are in class. For those in a five 3-hour class academic schedule, you’ll work 45 hours: about the same as working a full-time job. If you are a part-time student and have another job or are away from home, it takes even more time to balance work and academic life. To achieve academic success for both a full and part-time college student, it is important to be realistic, organized and disciplined in balancing study, work, family and other interests.

Many different reasons exist for procrastination, and there are many ways to procrastinate! Some people are simply too relaxed and won’t start working until the last possible moment and then have trouble finishing it on time. Some people won’t start until they have the “perfect” strategy for finishing. People procrastinate because they fear failure or they’re perfectionists who don’t want to let themselves down. 

Just like many other things, it is difficult to change procrastination: it is a habit we probably built upon for years! However, with the right tools and motivation, anyone can make a change and become more organized and successful. Here are some options to target this problem:

  • Set times for studying using a daily or weekly planner. Carry it with you so you look at it often: an amazing option for this is a planner app you can have on your computer, tablet and phone. It will help you to stay organized in school by taking care of your schedule and sending you reminders, and will help you to get your work done on time each day.
  • If your mind keeps telling you that you “must” do something, add it to your planner and ask it to remind you about it later. That way, you can stop thinking about it for now.
  • When doing a task you feel like procrastinating, remember the positive results you are looking forward to. This will help you commit to starting the task and doing it well.