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Frequently Asked Questions

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Studyo Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studyo ?

Studyo is an easy to use school project management tool and planner. It also effectively replaces the traditional paper planner students and teachers have been using for years. In addition to keeping track of tasks like homework, Studyo was built to allow students to effortlessly juggle the digital and analog tasks still being used in school, every day.


Which platforms does Studyo support?

Studyo is a fully native iOS app. A free 14 day trial is available and individual accounts use a subscription model at a very low price. it is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Studyo also offers a full web version optimized for Chrome and Chromebooks which even runs offline if no network is available.


Can I create a new account from any platform?

Absolutely. We recommend creating ayour account and subscribing via the web at https://app.studyo.co but you can also do it on an iOS device.

We also offer Studyo for Schools where we do the whole configuration for all users and which offers some great additional features.

All versions sync between platforms.


Is Studyo an LMS (Learning Management System)?

No. Although Studyo could be perceived as a simple LMS, it actually complements your school’s LMS, calendar or workflow solutions.

There is a big difference between a planner or agenda and these solutions, and we’ve created a neat infographic to showcase these differences.

Studyo allows links to any LMS activity or resource to be included within a task, so students see all that is expected of them in one place, students can take photos of the board and automatically make them into tasks and teachers can use some of their favorite tools to publish to Studyo, such as Google Classroom.


How does Studyo compare to Google Classroom™?

It doesn’t. Google Classroom™ is a wonderful workflow solution and Studyo Connect for Google Classroom™ allows teachers to post assignments one on Google Classroom for students to see within Studyo. Students can then tap the task, open it in Google Classroom and interact with it there. For students, they no longer need to track tasks in multiple environments. For teachers, they use the tools they prefer.


Why is using a Planner or Agenda important for students?

Research says that students who develop more proficiency with executive function skills improve their success rates in high school, college and in life in general. Learning to prioritize, initiate, organize and schedule helps reduce stress and improve efficiency.

You can read all about this in on our web site here and in our White paper entitled Habits of mind for the 21st Century student, which describes ways students benefit from this skill set.

At Studyo, we focus on building tools which support the development of these skills, and of course, this needs to be done with the help of teachers and parents. So we take feedback very seriously!

But we use digital tools already, why should we want to add Studyo?

In one word: autonomy. Every tool out there akin to an LMS is teacher-controlled. Students cannot create their own tasks, for school or for their personal lives. And simple calendars are not a great way to manage tasks and build planning skills.

Studyo is more like a professional Project Management tool built for students which happens to do it in the context of your school’s schedule.

Also, even if your school has standardized on a single workflow tool or LMS, chances are that teachers sometimes use another tool, such as the board, or sheets of paper when it is more appropriate or efficient. And soon enough, some will discover one of the thousands of new EdTech tools which are developed every year. For students, which deal with 7-10 teachers in Middle and High School, dealing with all these tools hinders their ability to get organized because they need to track items in a variety of environments. Studyo allows them to bring them all into a single place and get a clear picture of their study time, work time and personal time in a meaningful way. And of course, parents get to benefit from this as well.


Must our teachers all use Studyo for it to be useful to students?

Not at all. Although Students and Parents benefit more when teachers also use Studyo, students can definitely manage their own tasks effectively with little or no training. Teachers can simply let them manage their own tasks and do not have to use Studyo themselves.

So why would teachers want to use Studyo?

Studyo offers a lot of great planning tools built just for teachers. They can manage multiple sections at once, drag and drop exams and tasks, publish to students as a whole or individually and see what other teachers have published to help them plan for exam dates. And that’s just the beginning.


How do I create tasks?

After configuring Studyo, you can start creating tasks like assignments, lessons or exams. To enter a new task, touch the white area of a period. A new window will appear and you will then be able to enter a title, choose an icon and set details such as the Due date and Notes.

Can I add photos or links to web sites in a task?
Yes! Tap the task icon to see an area for notes. At the bottom of this window is a camera icon which allows you to add one or more photos to each task. In the Notes area, you can type links to any web-based resources. These links will become active hyperlinks next time you view your notes.

With Studyo 3, you can now add links using the Attachments icon at the bottom of the Task Info window.

Can I add attachments to tasks in Studyo?
Yes. On the iPad, you can use the iOS Document Browser to add any file to a task. The file with sync between your devices.

On the web, you can also add attachments from your hard disk and options are coming soon for cloud services such as Google Drive™.

Is the individual version of Studyo limited?


Not much. If you download Studyo from the App Store or create an account on the web, you can use all of its features.

You get extra features if your school has a Studyo for Schools configuration. Check out the Studyo for Schools page to see what the differences are. Mainly, full centralized configuration, ability to publish to student planners and see all that has been published in your school and the ability for parents and teachers to see student planners. And a variety of connectors for the different platforms such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackbaud onCampus and more.


I've lost my password, what can I do?

If you closed your session and forgot your user name or password, click on Login, then “I forgot my login information” and enter the email address you used to create your account. Also, you may have logged in using Google, so that may be how you need to login. Refer to these services to recover your password there.

What is the task view for?
The task view is a timeline of all the tasks you have to do. This view shows overlapping work, past due tasks and is great for students to plan their schedules because they can literally see what lies ahead. Students can move the planned start date for any task by double-tapping the start date. This removes the task from the immediate list of to dos but the task will reappear on the defined date.
How can I delete an existing task?
Tap the task icon you want to delete. Look for the Trash at the bottom of the small popup window that displays photos and notes. If you change your mind, you can navigate to the Deleted tasks pane of the Tasks view and undo this action.
Is setting up a Studyo account easy to do?

Yes! When you launch Studyo for the first time, choose “Create an account” from the list of choices and simply follow the prompts to start using Studyo. If you are using Studyo for schools, create your account after if required (or you can authenticate using Google or Office 365) and pick your classes (teachers are pre-configured). Using your account, your data is always recoverable if something gets corrupted or you lose your device.


How do I configure my schedules in Studyo?

By default, Studyo prompts you for your base schedule and sets it up for you. You can then add your courses and drag them into your Master Schedule. If you have a specific schedule on certain days, you can go to the Settings (Gear), select “Configure my planner” and under “Schedule”, tap the +, and create a new one to be dragged on any date, day of week or Special Day. Want to know more about configuring schedules in Studyo? You can watch a tutorial about Managing Schedules.

Does Studyo support block scheduling, day rotations and various special schedules during the year?
Yes. Studyo can accommodate regular weeks, cycles of rotating days from 2-days all the way to 20 days or more, as well as any combination in between. Week A / Week B? That’s a 10-day cycle. If your school has a schedule Studyo doesn’t support, contact us, we’d love to help.
What if I only have a weekly schedule?
No problem. You can tell Studyo not to display nay numbers of labels. That way, you simply manage your 5-day week.
My school uses letters or weekday name followed by 1 or 2, is this supported?

Yes, this is possible both in the individual and school versions.


How does Studyo account for special days during the school year?

In the orange section of your calendar settings, tap the + to create a new special day. Enter the details then drag and drop this day to the specific date, day of your cycle or day of the week. Studyo will apply the icon, title and specific schedule to the appropriate days of your planner. Need more information about how to set up special days? Please watch a tutorial on how to set up Special Days</a>.

I only see free periods, what is going on?
After creating your schedule and special days, you must enter all your courses. Tap the schedule button and add courses using the sections panel on the right and enter in the details. Next, you are able to drag and drop created courses to your master schedule. To remove a course from a time slot, drag the “Remove” icon to that slot. Need some more info about managing your courses? You can watch a tutorial about Managing Courses.
What is Studyo for Schools?

Studyo for Schools is a paid service that enables schools to manage a centralized configuration of Studyo for all their students and teachers. Individuals manage their tasks, but global changes like unexpected days off are updated in real-time on everyone’s planner. Studyo for schools makes it easy for teachers to publish tasks, assignments or exam dates to their students in a single tap too. Studyo for Schools also adds parent accounts. It gives them access to past present and future work their child must focus on so they can help them learn to plan ahead.

There is much more, check out the Studyo for Schools section of our site for all the details.


What happens when my school signs up? How do students and teachers connect?

We will work with your school to create a custom configuration based on exported schedule data for your school. Each school is unique, and Studyo builds a custom configuration for each school. We will then send a single code that gives everyone access to your school’s custom configuration.

Check out our documentation section of the web site for details.

How do students build their schedule after entering their school code?
Once students enter the school code, all of your school’s information is there. Students simply pick their specific sections from a list and Studyo is ready. If something changes during the year, they remove one course and select another and their planner updates itself. Need some more info about setting up Studyo? Watch a tutorial on how students connect to Studyo for Schools
How do teachers set up their schedule with Studyo for Schools?
All the teachers’ schedules are pre-configured when the school’s configuration is created. So teachers have nothing more to do. They can add some personal courses to manage extra time slots though.
What happens when my school signs up? How do students and teachers connect?
We will work with your school to create a custom configuration based on exported schedule data for your school. Each school is unique, and Studyo builds a custom configuration for each school. We will then send a single code that gives everyone access to your school’s custom configuration.
How do teachers and students use the app to interact with each other?
Where students have autonomy over their tasks, teachers can also publish tasks to all of their students in one fell swoop, or, publish tasks to some students only for some added differentiation. Students can always enter their own tasks or manage their planning for teacher-shared tasks, which is a great way to develop their autonomy and executive function skills.
How do teachers publish tasks?
Teacher only need to create one task with the appropriate information, attachments and notes. Then, just tap the task and select the Share button to Publish this task to their class or to specific students. Published tasks can be modified after publication and all copies will update as well. When a school has Studyo Connect for Google Classroom, teachers can also link their Google classes to their Studyo classes so that assignments published on Google Classroom will automatically appear to students in Studyo.
Can a teacher send tasks to only some of their students?
As of Studyo 3, this is now possible. Teachers can select which students will receive the task and can thus publish different tasks to different groups of students as required. This also allows resource teachers to publish to individual students in the school.
What kind of data do you need to build our school's configuration?
Basically, your yearly calendar, the same you provide students and parents, your bell times and schedule data with appropriate teacher info. No student info is required.

You can check out our documentation section for the details.

What is Studyo's position of student privacy?
We take student privacy and any user’s privacy extremely seriously. We take pride in respecting all the regulations and laws, such as COPPA and we’ve adhered to the Student Privacy Pledge.

Basically, we are against any kind of advertising to minors or selling any data or analytics to third parties. we’ll always strive to do the right thing.

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