The Studyo Platform for parents and guardians:

Support your kids in managing their homework.

Stop fighting over homework. Coach your child on better organization. Reduce stress.

Stop fighting over homework

No need to wrestle, see all your child’s work on your own device. Agree on everything that needs to be done and empower your child to make their own decisions. You and your child can enter tasks and exams, and tasks from external tools are automatically displayed. Seeing their whole workload will help your child understand the need to start early on larger projects.

Coach your child on better organization

Plan each task together with your child so they always know what to work on every day. Enter tasks for your child when they need that extra help. Nudge as needed without over managing or controlling your child. Add household activities and chores to motivate your child.

More confidence means less stress

Setting clear goals with your child will motivate them and help them build the grit to succeed. Giving your child control on when to accomplish tasks will lead to more confidence. Break down tasks into smaller work sessions to reduce anxiety.