The Studyo Platform for education leaders:

Your school, connected.

A connected whole-school platform that transforms workload management, parent-teacher communication and helps students build executive function skills.

All school work is centralized in one place

Tasks from all sources (Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackbaud, Microsoft Teams, etc.) are consolidated in a single planner. Additionally, students can enter tasks announced verbally or on the blackboard, sharing the responsibility.

Collaborative workload management breaks down silos between teachers

Teachers can see current student workload in real-time to avoid scheduling multiple exams on the same day. They see which teacher posted their work and when, enabling communications to establish priorities.

Pedagogy booster around organizational skills

Students manage each task in their workload to achieve their goals. Setting goals, breaking down tasks and building grit lead to better self-confidence and success. All students, with or without learning challenges, benefit from this.