Today for Schools: Everyone on the same page

Your school, organized.

The Today app deployed to your entire school. Centralized schedule configuration available to every student and teacher.

Shared Calendar

One central set of holidays, PD days or school events directly in everyone’s planner.

Shared timetables with privacy in mind

Setting up shared timetables is effortlessly done, bypassing the need for a complex data set-up. Each teacher takes part in the process by providing their individual schedules in only a few clicks, making it a collaborative and straightforward endeavor.

Import from Google Classroom

Directly import classes and roster data from Google Classroom, saving time and ensuring accurate information. You can either import once using a Classroom admin connection, or every teacher can connect their own Classroom account to build student and class lists. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Better Google Classroom access for parents

Keep parents in the loop by providing a more detailed read-only access to Google Classroom activities using their own login. Add to this the ability to coach their child in planning their work and monitoring their progress. Parents will thank you for this!

School-wide management tools

Invite and manage users, manage the school calendar and master schedule, all this in an intuitive administrative interface that doesn’t require access to your SIS.

Today provides enhanced tools which help students build up their life skills of planning, decision-making and self-management.

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