Not Just a Homework Planner: Helping Students Get Organized with Studyo

Today by Studyo is an app for students, teachers and parents, empowering youth to become better organized and in control of their lives. From planning long term assignments to daily homework, the Studyo planner is a full-school system that allows every educational stakeholder to have an accurate overview of the academic workload. 

Today by Studyo provides an intuitive and visual look at student tasks, presenting a roadmap on how to plan assignments. The Day and Week dashboards show students what assignments are ahead, and the interactive Tasks dashboard helps break down the list of to-dos students need to work on.

Simply put, the platform benefits the classroom and beyond by making academic workload clearer and less overwhelming to everyone involved. Simplifying the planning process is key to improving students’ ability to:

  1. Self-manage their time.

  2. Break down or chunk complex tasks.

  3. Plan out schoolwork.

  4. Confidently take initiative to start homework and assignments.

  5. Meet deadlines for schoolwork and come to class prepared to learn.

Allowing Teachers to Monitor Assignments

Today by Studyo allows teachers to gain insight on classroom progress, add assignments to student dashboards, and create a step-by-step task breakdown for schoolwork.

By following your students’ workload throughout their term, it’s clear to see when students are overloaded, and to identify what assignments are in their plans. Teachers can ensure a reasonable timeline for their classes’ long term assignments, and collaboratively plan exams with other educators to avoid conflicting deadlines and unnecessary stress for students.

With Today by Studyo  teachers can monitor individual progress through organizational skill indicators to share personalized feedback with parents and students. Studyo helps parents support their child’s academic success through:

  1. Weekly status reporting on incomplete assignments and upcoming tasks.

  2. Presenting an overview of future deadlines, exams, and student events.

  3. Allowing access to view their child’s planner.

Personalized class schedules

Using class timetables that show up in real-time on the app, students can customize classroom tasks to take their everyday schedules into account.  

Our student planner was designed to display assignment due dates and class information unique to each student’s schedule. Through consistent, habitual planning of their tasks, students build a strong work ethic that will bring success to their daily to-dos.

Get a better overview of your classroom

Get a detailed view of each student’s usage patterns and workload, paving the way for empirical and custom student support.

Give your students the best chance at school success by highlighting organizational issues promptly, and helping students get back on track before they fail.

Even at a distance, Today by Studyo can be used as an assignment planning tool that helps students, teachers and parents by:

  • Allowing workload to be clear to all parties.

  • Holding students accountable for completing tasks.

  • Streamlining the homework planning process for all students.

  • Harmonizing workload across all classes from a distance.

  • Automating communication with parents on upcoming assignments and incomplete tasks.

  • Breaking up long term and daunting assignments into smaller, actionable tasks.

A Complete and Detailed Student Organizer For the Whole School

Full integration of the student’s dashboard across all platforms

Fully integrated with Google Classroom and LMSs

The Studyo dashboard interacts with Google Classroom and/or your LMS, pulling assignments into the planner and allowing teachers to plan, distribute and grade classwork with little-to-no-changes to their habits. Teachers can easily monitor the progress of each student as they check off tasks and steps for assigned work in Studyo.

Students can view all upcoming tasks from Google Classroom or their LMS on a timeline, and add steps or days to work on each assignment. They are able to view the assignments that have been given each day, mark them as complete, and even navigate back to their LMS from Studyo to submit their coursework.

Student planner available on mobile devices

With a fully responsive design, students, teachers, school administrators and parents can access their Studyo classroom planning application via mobile app (available free on Google Play and the App Store) or desktop, with dashboards optimized for each view.

Streamline Homework Planning

Break down long term assignments into daily tasks

Support students in getting ahead of important revision for upcoming exams by helping them set up daily study sessions. With Studyo’s interactive Task dashboard, it’s easy for students to efficiently organize work and study periods for exams, essays and major projects. By breaking up their workloads into smaller tasks, students have an actionable way to succeed at final assignments and practice efficient time management.

Help students map their exam studies

Encourage proactivity, accountability and organization with Studyo. Give students the gift of self-reliance and independence with the complete homework planning tool.

Using a homework planner that allows students to break down tasks helps students:

  • Plan out efficient timelines and best practices to complete assignments.

  • View the timeline of all tasks and steps in an interactive calendar.

  • Easily manage workload from multiple classes.

  • View upcoming exams and create a corresponding work/study schedule.

  • Manage incomplete and overdue homework alongside upcoming classwork.

Organize assignments through a detailed action plan

Teachers are able to set suggested steps for students on each assignment, giving students a roadmap for success. Workloads can be monitored closely, making it easy for educators to maintain an appropriate threshold of assignments students are expected to complete. 

Studyo helps teachers provide the best learning experience to their students by:

  1. Organizing their students’ workload.

  2. Breaking down long-term assignments in actionable tasks to scaffold students.

  3. Planning due dates and exam periods without conflicts.

  4. Identifying individual student’s usage patterns.

  5. Giving students evidence-based feedback on organizational skills, and determining next steps for soft-skill education.

Schedule Homework

Students get clear, daily homework

Today by Studyo’s Tasks dashboard offers a visual representation of an individual student’s workload, showing every assignment they have from its assigned date to the due date. Each task in the student’s workload is presented in an ordered list based on its due date. Students have an overview of how much time is left to complete a task, as well as what assignments they have on their plate each day.

With Studyo, students can focus on immediate action. Our complete homework app supports them through the planning aspect of schoolwork, so they can focus their energy on the task itself.

Studyo’s homework dashboard helps students to stay on task by:

  • Keeping all assignments in one place.

  • Breaking down tasks and scheduling time to work on each step.

  • Planning out the upcoming days and weeks to avoid procrastination.

  • Building productive habits by scheduling time to study.

  • Giving parents access to their child’s schedule to help them plan their week.

  • Highlighting incomplete, current and upcoming assignments in that order for ease of student planning.

Help students and teachers keep track of past and future tasks

Allow students to view their past, current, and future tasks to monitor their progress in developing planning skills. 

As a school-wide initiative, Studyo allows teachers and school administrators to monitor both past and present workloads. They are able to see improvements in student planning skills on a larger scale as well as monitoring and identifying strategies to reduce student stress and stabilize workload.