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Studyo works by using data provided by its users to better understand their needs. This data is used to implement a school wide organizational system tailored to a specific school.

We have 3 plans to support schools and districts in different situations, with each plan have different requirements. For more information, contact us.

Our two-part solution is informed by three areas of education research: organization, executive function, and social-emotional learning. See the support page for more information. 

We recommend a 1 to 1 system be in place where each student has access to their own device. This access would encourage daily use. However, Studyo is available on all device, all platforms, for each user’s convenience. Therefore, simple access to a device is all that is required. 

The Studyo Director of Success reaches partner schools and establishes continuous support and training of key school teachers and administrators for them to become experts on Studyo.

Studyo is different because it implements a school wide, easily accessible, system tailored to a specific school system. Each student has control over their own schedule and tasks, encouraging time management skill development.

Any age group can use Studyo to their advantage. All access and functions are set by the school and the teachers. As long as students have access to a device, Studyo can be used. 

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