Studyo and EANS

Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS)

Schools in USA and Canada are using Studyo to develop key executive function skills and ensure that students are managing time, setting goals and priorities for college and work readiness. Over 30% of college students fail during their first semester partially due inadequate study habits and less than ideal time management skills and not keeping up with homework.

Department of Education supports schools and educators to ensure all students have equitable access to high quality education and achieve academic excellence. At Studyo, we believe in equitable learning for all students and work to ensure our products meets requirements for EANS funding sources. Here is how Studyo fits within allowable funding under EANS.

EANS Purpose for your School (in bold is where Studyo fits)

The purpose of EANS funds are intended to support activities related to:

EANS Funds may be used for (in bold is where Studyo fits)

  1. Cleaning educational facilities
  2. Obtaining personal protective equipment
  3. Improving ventilation systems
  4. Training and professional development to help educators implement new safety practices
  5. Physical barriers to facilitate social distancing
  6. Coronavirus testing and contact tracing
  7. Other materials or supplies recommended by CDC to reopen or operate a school
  8. Educational technology
  9. Redeveloping instructional plans to address learning loss
  10. Leasing additional space to ensure safe social distancing
  11. Transportation costs
  12. Support for remote and hybrid learning or support services to remote / hybrid learning to address learning loss
  13. Reimbursement for many coronavirus related costs

Studyo aligns with EANS in 2 key areas

More specifically, why do EANS Schools use Studyo?