Advance student success and wellness with rich school data and actionable insights

We help teachers and administrators set the conditions for student growth, development, and success.

Actionable Insights

Support evidence-based decision making for teachers and administrators based on a student’s:

    1. Organization habits
    2. Workload 
    3. School and life schedule


Photo by stem.T4L on Unsplash

Student Success Planner

A digital school planner that helps students develop organizational skills, executive functioning, and responsibility using engaging, interactive features. 

Insights Dashboard

Using data collected by the planner, our dashboard provides clear, actionable cues that help teachers and administrators balance student workloads, break down teacher silos, and more. 

Our Impact

Studyo has an average of 88% daily usage rate across all school.

Students have more balanced schedules and workloads, reducing stress and improving conditions for learning and evaluation. 

Teachers have a deeper understanding of a student’s learning habits, and can therefore provide additional support where it counts. 

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