A planner that fits in and stands out

Our school planner empowers students to take control of their classes, assignments, and deadlines by seamlessly integrating existing tools into a beautiful digital agenda that preserves teachers' current habits.

Connects to

Google Classroom
Microsoft Teams


Bring clarity to the EdTech chaos

Everything in one place. Calendar, timetables, homework and workload available to teachers, students and their parents in one easy to use app.


See how your students are getting organized by viewing their planners. Avoid overloading students by having a clear view of their workload. All this, leveraging your existing LMS.Learn more


With everything in one place, never lose track of homework and assessments. Take action every day to avoid procrastination.Learn more

Parents and guardians

Help your child stay on top of their workload by having a clear view of what they have to do. No more homework scavenger hunt!Learn more

Education leaders

Enhance your school experience by preventing student overload considering school work from all sources.Learn more


An end to the homework scavenger hunt.

Planning tools that encourage a good work hygiene for students. Helpful insights for parents, teachers and education leaders.

Today app

A planner that helps students get things done.

Encourages students to set next steps and break down complex work. Allows parents to have a clear view of their child’s workload. Supports rich parent-teacher conversations.

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Studyo planner

Tasks from any LMS in one place, clear and actionable.

Helps students develop executive function skills by managing their workload using critical thinking and grit.

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Studyo Insights

An automatic assessment calendar that actually works.

Enforce healthy workloads by having a central place where everyone can see important homework and exams that are scheduled every day.

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Use the free Today app with your classroom or your child, or book some time with our team to learn how Studyo can benefit your school.

Loved by students, parents and educators.

The Studyo learning experience platform quickly becomes an essential part of the daily routine of students and teachers, and they can’t help but fall in love with it.

    • My current students are really enjoying it. We start every morning by looking at Today. Parents are now linking up to their child’s accounts too. Thank you for this valuable tool.

      Matthew Johnson
      Teacher, Sherbrooke Elementary School
    • The Today app provided support for my students’ executive functioning skills. It’s a great tool to use to provide parents with information about how their child is doing. Kids were really struggling last year and I found it really helpful.

      Cathy O’Flaherty
      Teacher, Boston Public Schools
    • Schools can’t go #ipaded #paperless without Studyo.

      Dan Adiletta
      Computer science teacher

Simple pricing

Whether you are a parent wishing to help your child stay organized or a school looking to deploy across your institution, we have something for you.


For students, teachers and parents who need a simple and effective planner and insights into student organizational habits.

Today Standard

  • 4-column system
  • Enter your own tasks
  • Break down tasks
  • Plan work session(s)
  • Configure and see your schedule
  • See tasks from Google Classroom
  • See events from Google Calendar
  • Parent/guardian access which includes Google Classroom classwork
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Teachers can publish tasks to students
  • Post Google Classroom tasks from the convenience of your own schedule
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499$ per year

For schools who want to offer a friction-free planner to all their students and teachers.

Today for Schools

  • Everything in Today Standard
  • Shared school calendar
  • Shared timetables
  • Import classes and students from Google Classroom
  • School-wide intuitive administrative tools
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Per student

For schools who want to provide a modern planner to their students and workload management to educators.

Studyo and Insights

  • Centralized management
  • Timetables
  • Complete planner for students and teachers
  • Optional parent accounts and reports
  • Workload management
  • Works with all major LMS and SIS
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Frequently asked questions

    • What is the difference between Studyo and Today?

      Today is a standalone app that can instantly be used by any individual student or teacher. It is the perfect companion for Google Classroom users. Studyo is a full-featured school planner that is deployed to the whole school and benefits students, teachers and parents.

    • How can I try Today?

      Simply sign up on today.studyo.app, optionnally connect your Classroom account and you’re done!

    • How can I try Studyo?

      Studyo must be deployed to the whole school, with adaptations to your specific schedule and needs. Talk to us, setting up a pilot is easy!