Everyone I talk to every day seems to be so busy. Their time is taken up by work, activities, obligations, taking care of young ones, elderly relatives, creating, building, struggling, thriving, anything.

Time is simply the one thing we never have enough of. Period.

Without proper time management skills, we simply cannot do all the things we mean to do and inevitably, we feel guilty and stressed because of this.

Some have better time management skills and understand the need to start early on tasks and properly assess the time things will take or leave enough buffer to accomplish them in time.

How do we learn this? Well, experience helps, but as explained in Harvard Education’s report on Executive Function Skills, these skills are not innate and must be taught. In fact, although we all have the capacity to learn and apply them, this is not automatic. The earlier we learn them, the most impact this has on our lives.

Teaching students how to manage their time is simply one of our greatest responsibilities.

To help understand this better, we have put together a list of important articles on the subject we hope you will find useful.

1. Harvard Education: Executive Function & Self-Regulation

Always a favorite of ours. Inspiring, concise and clear.

2. Electronic Physician: Relationship between time management skills and anxiety … 

Mostly focused on the result of improper time management for adult students, but explains how the key to reaching success in life is to concentrate on effective time management.

3. OpenColleges: Why You Need To Manage Student Stress And 20 Ways To Do It

Point 3 is Time Management, and the other points are excellent as well.

4. Academic journals: High school students’ time management skills in relation to research anxiety 

A research paper linking anxiety and lack of time managements skills by Alpturk Akcoltekin. Long read, but fascinating.

5. Unigo: Time management tips for high school students

A simple list of tips and tricks you can share with students and start the conversation on better time management.


Focused on education technology for over 25 years, Renaud has been part of Apple’s Education team and supported schools in their adoption of technology, always focusing on students and their development of essential skills. As the founder of Studyo, he continues to drive his team to further explore better ways to help students and teachers manage their time and tasks to be successful.