Students feeling overwhelmed?

Reduce their academic stress and give them back some control with Studyo’s digital planner.

Studyo actively supports school wellness programs in multiple ways:

Student control

Research links control with both motivation and reducing stress. Making our own decisions on how we manage our time improves our sense of control and calms us. That’s why making lists is so rewarding. Studyo is built to give control to students on what they focus on and when. That’s why 88% of our students use Studyo every day.

Self-management, Autonomy and Executive Function Skills

Spoon-feeding students their homework won’t help them build up their responsibility or autonomy. With Studyo, students must make decisions every day to enter, plan, chunk and complete their homework and study. This helps them improve their executive function skills, which are essential for success in school and beyond.


Students often don’t know where to look when starting their work and waste up to ⅓ of their time. Having all their assignments and exams in one location reduces their anxiety by helping them focus on clear next steps.

Testimonials from Studyo Users

« My life has changed since planning my study and work time efficiently using Studyo. Setting milestones allows me to feel confident I will achieve my goals and I feel much less stressed.»
Student Studyo User

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