Step 4:

How to view tasks:

There are two ways to mark a task as complete.

1. The first way is to go into the Tasks View and double tap the task icon on the due date from the timeline.

2. Alternatively, you can access the task from day or week view. Tap on the task you wish to mark as complete and hit the “Mark as Done” button at the bottom.

You can view completed tasks in the Task view by navigating to “Done.”

Completing Parts of a Task


If your task has steps, you can mark each step as complete by tapping on the task in Day, Week or Task view and checking off the completed step. Repeat this as needed until the task is complete.


When you work on part of a task and are finished for the day, you can specify that you are done for today by moving the Planned date. To do this, simply double tap the Planned date and it will move forward.

Tip: The “Planned Date” is the icon that appears between the “Announced Date” and the “Due Date”. It helps you plan when you will work on any given task by having it appear in the Today’s tab of your To-Do list. When you move the “Planned Date” to the future, it will no longer appear in Today’s tab.