Step 2:

After setting-up your Studyo account , it is now time to set-up your weekly schedule.

Before you start:

If you haven’t already, create your account and follow the steps until you reach the following screen:

Step 1:

Select “Create a personal configuration”.

Step 2:

Click on “Configure”

Step 3:

Enter the name of your school, and its start/end dates. For current purposes, it can be approximate.

Step 4:

The simplest type of schedule is “Bell times” with a “Week” schedule. This should be well adapted to most situations.

Optional: If you need much more flexibility and varying class times you might prefer the Class Times option.

Step 5:

Click Done

Step 6:

Click on Configure next to Bell Times

Step 7:

Start with the Monday Schedule

Step 8:

Adjust the day 'Start' and 'period durations' as desired.

Step 9:

To set which activity you wish to assign to a block, click the “i” icon at the right of each block. You can choose from preset periods or add your own.

Step 10:

To add a new block to the schedule press the gray “+” between blocks. Take care not to schedule overlapping class periods.

Step 11:

Once you’ve completed one day, click “save” and move to the next day.

TIP: If you wish to have consistent times for each day, click the blue gear and select “Copy times from… “. Then, select the day you’ve already filled the schedule for and the time periods will carry over.

Step 12:

After your have completed all daily schedules click “Done”


1. Adding Classes

To add classes you can assign to tasks but which do not require a full block, simply click “Configure” and add them.

2. Configuring special days

Use the calendar to block off any holidays, non-instructional days, or other important dates to remember.