Clear communications are the key to efficient collaboration between teachers, parents and the school.
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Communicate with everyone

School announcements appear where they ought to be: teacher and student planners. The tool they go to all day and every day.


Avoid student overload

Avoid too many exams on the same day with the School Overview. Parents will drop by your office… to thank you!


of students prefer Studyo to any other tool

Keep parents in the loop

Weekly email reports to parents, as well as direct access to their child’s planner, all information ends up in the right place, in a format parents can relate to.

No risk involved

Students simply prefer using Studyo to any other tool. Students benefit greatly using Studyo on their own, so you can take the proper time to build up usage for your staff.

Increased engagement

Teachers increase technology use when they see the benefit of seeing what other teachers are posting through the School Dashboard.

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