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Tips for edtech teachers to create work-life balance

Striking a healthy work-life balance is a challenge for anyone, but for teachers it’s even more so. 3 in 10 teachers leave the profession after their first year and in some States up to 50% of teachers leave within their first 5 years. Why? There are a number of...

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3 essential qualities that make teachers leaders

When we think about school leadership, we often tend to think about the roles administrators play – principals, vice principals, and district administrators. But leadership is about much more than a title on a business card. It’s about how we work, how we relate to...

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How some edtech tools impact school culture

School leaders know that making the transition to student-centered teaching with education technology requires first and foremost a shift in school culture. Culture is the personality of your school. It can feel chaotic and busy, or maybe it feels measured and...

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How to make the most of FETC

Education conferences are so full of exciting learning opportunities that they tend to go by in a flash and FETC in Orlando, Florida is no exception. There are so many great sessions to attend, events check out, and conversations to have that it can be difficult to...

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