Evaluation Script

Welcome to Studyo!

This guided script is built to help you discover Studyo and Studyo for Schools which offers unique features for teachers and students in a technological school.

The best way to experience Studyo is by using two devices, one for the teacher account and one for the student account. You can do it all on the same device by logging out and back in as well.

Log in as a Student

We recommend using an iPad, a Chromebook or a computer using the Chrome browser.

  1. Download the app on the App Store or go to http://app.studyo.co
  2. Log-in using user: pressdemostudent  password: demo

Explore the Environment

Studyo represents a school’s exact calendar and schedule as the context for managing schoolwork and personal tasks. All types of variations are configurable:

  • Rotating Day Schedules
  • Week A/B schedules
  • Regular weekly schedules
  • Rotating Block Schedules
  • Many more combinations

Different Bell times can be set based on the day, cycle, date or special events.

The standalone version of Studyo allows the user to set this up with as much detail as they like, defining holidays, Professional development days, or any other kind of day.

School Version Feature: When a School subscribes to Studyo, all this configuration is managed centrally by the administrator, so that users do not need to. Changes are automatically visible to everyone.

Create a Task

The daily view shows your schedule and any task which has been announced or is due.
  1. Enter a task by tapping or clicking anywhere in the white area next to a Period
  2. Set the Task details by picking an icon, custom title and description
  3. Tap on Due to pick the Due date, then save.

Notice that when picking a date, you see the whole context of this class: Special Days and cycle days, but also when a class occurs on a date, a grey circle is shown. This makes it easy to pick an appropriate date as the Due date for a task.

Unique Feature: Tasks in Studyo use their own visual language (icons) which makes each task unique, and communicating the state, type or importance of each task is done using this visual language. This makes it easy to know what is coming up at a glance as compared to a regular calendar-type tool which expresses everything as a rectangular text box.


Manage Tasks

Switch to the Tasks view. It shows every task from it’s announcement date to it’s due date, across all subjects.

Here, students can plan their work using each task’s Planned date:

  1. Double tap or click the announcement date for a task due in a few days
    1. The Planned date is displayed. It determines when the next step is for any task.
    2. As soon as the planned date is moved to the future, the task is removed from the Planned list on the right until that date
    3. This is the equivalent of saying “Done for today”
  2. Tap a Task and add Steps
    1. This will split the task into sub-steps (with or without dates)
    2. If you set dates for steps, dots will appear in the timeline

Unique feature: Students can control when they will work on each task and mark tasks when they have done part of them by moving the planned date to the next day. The planned area on the right shows any task which is announced in the past and due in the future when the planned date is in the past or today.

School version feature: Because Studyo can be linked to external sources, such as Google Classroom™, Blackbaud’s onCampus™, Canvas LMS™, Veracross™ and others, tasks from these environments also appear in the Student’s timeline. They can still annotate, plan and divide these tasks as if they were Studyo tasks. They can see and plan all their work, from all these platforms simultaneously.

School version feature: Because parents also get an account (Read-only) they an also track student’s progress on all their tasks across all platforms. They too benefit from the aggregation of everything in one place.


Log in as a Teacher

You can do this on the same device, or preferable on another.

  1. Download the app on the App Store or go to http://app.studyo.co
  2. Log-in using user: pressdemoteacher  password: demo

Create an Exam

  1. Switch to the Teacher View
    1. This view shows you all your sections and when you meet each one on every day f the year
  2. Create an Exam during an upcoming period
    1. Tap or click in a period, pick the Exam icon, change title and description and save
  3. Drag the Exam to another section
    1. This makes a linked copy of the exam. Change one and it changes the others.
    2. You can also drag and drop within the same section to Move a task


Publish to students

  1. Tap or click the Exam
  2. Tap or click the Action icon (Square with arrow pointing up)
  3. Select “Publish to Groups”
    1. This will publish each linked task to the appropriate groups of students, all in one motion

Studyo also allows teachers to publish to subsets of students. Within class periods or outside of class periods.


Shift a class

If often happens that for all types of reasons, a class has to be skipped or it’s content shifted. Say it is Class Picture day and your class is being requested for this event. Or simply a need to shuffle content arises.

  1. Tap or click in one Class’s colored header (Small colored header on any day where a class occurs)
    1. Pick a day where you have added a Task or Exam or in a section which has upcoming content.
    2. Tap or click the Right arrow in the bottom tool bar.

There are many features to move content, this is a quick one to skip a class and move cascade content to the future. This can be done in both directions and more options are available

  1. You can shift content forward or backwards
  2. You can rename class periods individually (Photo Day, Class Activity, etc)
  3. You can shift content with or without Skipping the class
  4. You can see how many classes are left in the Semester, Term or Year


See a student’s perspective

  1. From the Gear menu, pick a student’s planner

School version feature: You will be shown a Read-Only view of ant student’s planner, giving you the ability to see how well they are managing themselves and detecting any problematic planning issues. Great for advisors as well.


Explore the School View

  1. Tap or click School tab
  2. Use the filters at the top to pick which classes or levels to examine

School version feature: Using the School view, teachers and principals can see on which days Teachers have published work to students. This allows them to track how much work is given to specific classes and avoid overload. The School View will also show tasks provided by any of the connectors with Google Classroom, Blackbaud onCampus, Canvas LMS or others.



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