We’ve heard this often: “Some students and parents are complaining that they have too much to do.” or “Don’t teachers talk? We have three exams on the day of our School concert”.

Scheduling is hard.

As a teacher, it is not always easy to know what other teachers are planning for the same students you also have in your classes. Maybe some departments in your school plan their work together, but between departments, it is not easy to coordinate everything. Maybe the Social Sciecne teachers have a big project which falls on the same date as a major Math Algebra exam? Or some special extra curricular activity happens to be the same day as the end of term exams and require extra practice throughout the previous week?

Enter the School Overview!

With Studyo 2.10, teacher now have access to a new area in Studyo where they can see and filter all the tasks published by teachers in their school:

School Overview

Teachers can thus quickly scan and locate days where there is a lot of activity overall.

By selecting a specific group, as seen below, they filter what is affecting a subset of students:

School Overview - By Group

Displaying the exact content of the day is done by touching that day:

School Overview - By group - Day selected

In this example, one can see there are two exams on the same date for this group, as well as the school concert (this class has the music optional course).

Teachers can now react and change things accordingly, with other teachers witnessing the changes.

The School Overview will evolve of course and will appear on the Web version of Studyo over the coming weeks.

We hope you like it!

Focused on education technology for over 25 years, Renaud has been part of Apple’s Education team and supported schools in their adoption of technology, always focusing on students and their development of essential skills. As the founder of Studyo, he continues to drive his team to further explore better ways to help students and teachers manage their time and tasks to be successful.

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