As a parent, there are multiple ways you can stay aware of your child’s workload and progress.

This section covers the most complete way to have access to your child’s planner, including each task and progress.

This will also automatically subscribe you to our weekly email reports on the state of your child’s tasks.

You might require a more limited access to your child’s planner if you prefer to add their planner to your regular calendar. Documentation is available on both of these options:

Creating your parent account

In order to receive your invitation to join Studyo, your child must Invite you as their parent directly from the Studyo interface. Here are the required steps for you to follow:

1. Your child must go to the Settings menu (Gear) and tap the Sharing icon next to their configuration

sharing icon

2. Choose “Invite my parent…” from the menu


2. Your child must enter “their” name and “your” email and tap “Invite”


3. You will receive an email inviting you to verify you are their parent

4. Note the code provided in the resulting web page

parent confirmation code

You have two options to create your Studyo account: using the web version or the iPad version.
5a. Using the Web version of Studyo ( select “Use a code” at the welcome screen and create your account.

You can create a Studyo account, or authenticate using Google.

6. You will now have access to a read-only version of your child’s planner

IMPORTANT: If you disconnect from Studyo (from the gear menu) you do not ever have to use the code again. Simply use your Studyo username and password (or Google) to connect. The same process applies to access this account on another device, your username and password will always give you access and the code is no longer necessary.

You can also watch a video tutorial of this feature.

Focused on education technology for over 25 years, Renaud has been part of Apple’s Education team and supported schools in their adoption of technology, always focusing on students and their development of essential skills. As the founder of Studyo, he continues to drive his team to further explore better ways to help students and teachers manage their time and tasks to be successful.