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Should Teachers Publish Tasks to their Students’ Planners?

Here’s a debate that we discus constantly with teachers and administrators and a topic on which students and parents also have their word to say. With a connected Student Planner such as Studyo, Teachers have the option of publishing tasks directly to their...

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Student planners are not clear canvases

Handling objections is part of any CEO’s daily life. Especially if your product goes against established perceptions. Over my 20+ year career helping schools with technology integration projects, I have witnessed accelerating implementation of one-to-one device...

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Of “True” one-to-one projects

It is inevitable. Sooner or later, the acceleration of technology integration in schools will lead to each student having their own device at all time. Whether your opinion is for or against it, there will come a time where this will be true everywhere. Cost will be...

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A great teacher review for Studyo

Hot off the press, a great review of Studyo from none other than the @bigtechcoach himself, Keith George. We love reviews, especially when they are from the perspective of a teacher or students. This one adds the parent perspective as well. Enjoy the read! Studyo...

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