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Thoughts on executive function skills and more

A great teacher review for Studyo

Hot off the press, a great review of Studyo from none other than the @bigtechcoach himself, Keith George. We love reviews, especially when they are from the perspective of a teacher or students. This one adds the parent perspective as well. Enjoy the read! Studyo...

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Noncognitive skills and College-readiness

The US Department of Education has quite an interesting document for EdTech companies wishing to become more relevant in this age of increased access to technology in the classroom. The EdTech Developer’s Guide describes 10 ways companies and startup should...

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Aiming for where the innovation will be

I’ve been attending quite a few EdTech conferences lately and had interesting discussions with some really fascinating educators. Discussion topics included: Best practices, ways to engage students and various curriculum programs around the world. Since the late...

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