Executive Function Skills

Why are they so important?

There is a great deal of research that shows that students who demonstrate a high degree of executive function are more likely to perform well academically in high school, and be ready for university and a career. Studyo was created specifically to offer tools which support the strategies involved in developing these essential life skills.

Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child states that helping children develop executive function skills and self-regulation are one of society’s most important responsibilities.

“Providing the support that children need to build these skills at home, in early care and education programs, and in other settings they experience regularly is one of society’s most important responsibilities.”

Center on the Developing Child

Harvard University

Habits of Mind for the 21st Century Student

The Studyo team put together a list of 6 habits which can help students develop their executive function skills over time. this is where Studyo focuses the addition of new features and how we make design decisions. Here is a brief overview of these 6 habits and what they mean:


When to begin a task and how to generate ideas.

Decide when to initiate your tasks and you will be less likely to procrastinate.


To impose order on work, to subdivide the task and prioritize. 

Look at all your tasks and visualize the impact of accomplishing each one in a specific order. Divide larger tasks into shorter ones.


The capacity to move from one situation or task to another.

Add notes on past tasks and projects, and read them when approaching new tasks to apply what you learned on the time it took.


Supports the development of working memory and helps with long-term planning.

Take 5 minutes each day to look at your planner and make adjustments.


The ability to monitor one’s own performance and to measure it.

Always take the time to mark accomplished tasks as done when you finish them.

Hold Information

The ability to accumulate information in one’s mind through the working memory.

By taking down every task in a single place, it is easier to build a mental image of everything which has to be done. Make sure you also enter your personal projects.

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